Shamrock Greens, Inc.

Pioneers in Plant Factories
Shamrock's Living Greens

We now offer over a dozen master crafted living salad greens and herbs. From tender Baby Arugula to incredibly rich flavor of the Cilantro, all of Shamrock's Living greens are loaded with flavor and packed with nutrients because they are still alive!

Sustainable Indoor Farming

Shamrock's indoor farms have been designed for the ultimate in sustainability.

Anaconda Vertical Farming System (VFS)

A revolutionary patent pending vertical farming system. The Anaconda is the highest density hydroponic farming system in the world.

Crop Production Reliability

Shamrock has designed the Anaconda VFS with highly reliable and consistent crop output.

Staged Path to the Autonomous Farm

Imagine the future where autonomous farms will produce food 24/7/365

A Multi-Platform Vertical Farming System

The Anaconda Vertical Farming System is designed with flexibility in mind. This high density crop production system can accommodate a myriad of commercial crops. From plant protein to vegetable transplants for commercial growers and even Strawberries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

Are you sustainable?

Shamrock Greens continually pushes the boundaries on sustainability

What do you grow?

Shamrock Greens has developed over a dozen different living herbs and salad greens. We offer the freshest living Baby Arugula, Kale, Cress and herbs like Cilantro, Parsley and Basil.

Where can I buy your living Greens?

We currently offer our products in California. We sell direct to the public at several Farmers' Markets from Menlo Park to San Luis Obispo. You can also find our products in local restaurants and small grocers. We are currently expanding operations to serve the mass market. Be on the look out for us!

What other great products do you offer?

The Shamrock team is working hard to ease the agricultural pressure humanity places on the planet. We will explore the possibilities of Anaconda plant protein production to reduce our dependency of animal farming and to also produce the world's greatest Strawberries!

Interested In Learning More?

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